India’s leading Sports and Entertainment Company, Infinity Optimal Solutions Pvt.Ltd. is dedicated towards building and managing world-renowned talent, content and infrastructure. The company is headquartered in New Delhi and Mumbai.The key strength of Infinity Optimal Solution is a highly experienced, skilled and professional team, united and motivated by their passion for sports and entertainment

We are a one-stop agency for the development and management of a diverse portfolio of sports and entertainment properties. Our operating model provides a 360-degree value add for all our stakeholders.

Sanjeev Khandelwal


Sanjeev is one of India’s most successful entrepreneurs. With interests in Pharmaceuticals, Sports, Nanotechnology and Art and Entertainment to name a few, Sanjeev boasts of an immensely diversified conglomerate. Sanjeev is also a serial venture capitalist and has an enviable track record of indentifying individuals and teams that have the requisite skills, motivation, passion and potential to build world class institutions in their chosen fields. He is well known for taking risks in uncharted fields and for his unparalleled ability to invest in ‘companies of the future’. It is in large measure a result of his belief in the concept of IOS and his support for our creative integrity and innovation that IOS has managed to establish a reputation for excellence in a short span of time.

Neerav Tomar

CEO & Managing Director

Neerav, a graduate of the Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), is the visionary behind IOS. A national level squash player who represented India at several international competitions, Neerav was ranked the second best player in the country at the Under-19 level during his peak. having decided to make his living in a field he was passionate about, Neerav set up IOS in 2005, to provide athletes with the requisite training, sponsorship and exposure to position them for success at the international level, and thereby improve the stature of sports in India. With 16 years of experience spread across playing sport and leading a successsful sports management business, Neerav possessess an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of the sports and entertainment industry. he believes that “India will undoubtedly be the next big thing in the international sports and entertainment market” and that IOS is extremely well equipped to provide its stakeholders with tailor made sports and entertainment.

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